Boombox Print Shop Nissan Navara

The Navara came in with the basic default settings but a wooden tray back that will come up nicely with some varnish.

We removed two planks of wood either side of the tray and about a foot off the back to tidy up the size of the tray.

The boys put in some excellent work over the course of the project.

Most of the work went into trimming the tray but it was well worth the effort in the end.

Folks are calling it the 'angel' on the bonnet. Either way it's a cool little retro piece that adds a bit of flavour to the overall build.

BCC Signs from across the street provided the decals for the doors and bonnet. They do a fantastic job if you ever want decent signage.

Here's the final rustic result of three days trimming, welding, painting and varnishing. A really neat tray that we're all pretty happy with.

The hot rod style rims worked out well with some spicy orange two-pack. The white walls are typical of the hot rod resurgence in the 90's and suit this model well.

The shop ute will now make much more of an impact on spectators as Jason rocks the streets of Brisbane.